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Phil SylvesterPhil Bio
Phil Sylvester has been making art for over thirty years. He has exhibited drawings, paintings, sculptures, guitars, and amplifiers in the US and Canada, and has work in collections in LA, Portland, Seattle, Salt lake City, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, and London. His work has been featured in Poetry Northwest magazine, Premier Guitar magazine, and in Robert Shaw’s latest book, Hand Made, Hand Played. In the 1980’s, Phil was Director of Academic Affairs at Oregon School of Design. In the 1990’s he taught at Lewis and Clark College and did creativity workshops for Nike and other national corporations. Phil has a BA in mathematics from Reed College, a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University, and studied at Berklee College of Music. Phil founded his own school, the Drawing Studio, in 1990. His guitars and amplifiers are represented by Cliff Cultreri at .


Phil Sylvester and Joan FindlayPhil & Joan bio
Phil Sylvester and Joan Findlay met in late 1980 and soon became involved in each other’s artistic as well as personal lives.  Over the years of many joint visual art exhibitions and collaborations on dance theater pieces, they have maintained a constant dialogue and supported each other’s work. A favorite project, created in 1988, was “Two Humans” for which Joan choreographed and danced solo, while Phil provided sets, music, and also performed live vocal and guitar parts.  Then, in 1991, their most important collaboration was conceived, and presented in 1992, a son, Eoin Conor Sylvester. Meanwhile, The Drawing Studio was also hatched, and has been in it’s third, and permanent home on SE Division Street, since 1997. In addition to Phil’s drawing and painting classes, both Joan’s and Phil’s studio spaces, and the phil and joan world gallery are housed therein. The Drawing Studio also serves as home for the garage band jamming phenomenon of Phil on electric guitar, backed up by Joan on drums, known alternately as The Pocket Protectors and The Pathetics.

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