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March, 2010: Joan Findlay solo show at The Littman Gallery, Portland State University. The exhibit consisted of 28 of Joan’s recent large paintings.  

“The work of Joan Findlay, in Recent Paintings is a flurry of sweeping horizontal, vertical and curvilinear lines activated by an intense color palette. The compositions are stable and linked together through a generally uniform color palette. This uniform palette on equally sized canvases creates an overwhelming first impression when viewed collectively. The show is mostly non-objective, though many pieces offer the possibility of organic forms. The show includes a few easily identifiable abstractions, such as Keyhole, Cup and Stem…

...Much akin to jazz music, Findlay treats her painting as an emotional experience and sees her work as an improvisational exploration. Considering the fundamentals of artistic composition, Findlay’s strength is in her ability to move the eye throughout every piece. This strength is easily tied to her experience with dance as a form of artistic expression. As an exercise in personal reflection, Findlay’s work is an intense personal expression which aims to please no one, but beckons viewer engagement.”

—Cassy Whitaker, Littman Gallery


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